One of the biggest issues of adding an extension to your property is ensuring that the new element matches the existing style of your home. Failing to do this can actually lessen the value of your property, which is something that should be avoided. At MI Home Improvements, we are pleased to offer the RealROOF solution, an innovative system that extends your existing living space in great style, and in harmony with the rest of your home. If would like to learn more about how this system is perfect for your needs, please get in touch and we will be happy to provide you with assistance.


Why not add a stylish roof to your property?

When it comes to the aesthetic benefits offered by the RealROOF system, you are on to a winner inside and outside of your home. The inside of your home will receive a stylish and spacious vaunted ceiling while the outside of your home will receive a new addition that blends perfectly with the existing look. When it comes to creating an excellent first impression, the RealROOF system is one that will not let you down.

Avoid disruption and hassle with RealROOF

One of the key benefits of the RealROOF system is that it can be installed in a minimal amount of time. The system is manufactured off site, minimising any cutting, wastage or mess at your property. The new roofing system is also installed at a much faster rate than more traditional roofs, so if you are looking to minimise the level of disruption at your property, this is a solution that will meet your needs. At MI Home Improvements, we know that good customer service is about much more than the finished product, which is why we are pleased to be able to offer this system.

This is a new solution in conservatories and extensions

The RealROOF system achieves the aim of keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter, which is not something that every conservatory or home can boast of. If you have suffered from poor quality extension work in the past, or you have heard horror stories, you can rest assured that this innovative system is a world removed from previous efforts. When it comes to comfort and peace of mind, this is a solution to be trusted.

These are some of the key features of the RealROOF system:

  • RealROOF provides a stylish vaulted ceiling every single time
  • RealROOFis extremely durable, providing peace of mind at all times
  • RealROOF can be installed in a matter of hours
  • RealROOF provides you with excellent thermal properties
  • RealROOF allows separate internal doors to be removed/fitted
  • RealROOF is available in four main styles

The wide range of features and benefits on offer from the RealROOF system should ensure you get great value for money. if you want to find out more how this solution will benefit you, please get in touch.

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