Conservatory Roof Replacement

• Do you already have an existing conservatory?
• Can you use it comfortably all year round?
• Are you fed up of reoccurring leaks?
• Is the roof a victim of the dreaded green moss and slime?
• Is it too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter?
• Do you find its very loud when it rains?

Mi Home Improvements are specialists in conservatory roof replacements, This means we can resolve any of these common issues by simply replacing the roof on the conservatory whilst keeping the existing structure, which means you have a more energy efficient conservatory, usable all year round and without having to pay the prices you would on a complete new build.



We have a roofing system solution to suit every home and every budget, with a choice of traditional or contemporary looks.

Not only is it possible to replace the conservatory roof, we can also replace all the windows and doors which will virtually give you a brand new conservatory, saving you money by not having to replace or rebuild existing foundations.

For a free no obligation quote contact us today and take advantage of our unbeatable offers on the highest quality products.

If you have had a conservatory for a number of years and you feel it is time to improve its condition, or if you feel that you are not getting the best from your current conservatory, it may be time to consider a conservatory roof replacement. At MI Home Improvements, we are conservatory specialists and we have a great deal of experience in replacing conservatory roofs.

No matter the style of your current conservatory, or of your home, we are able to provide you with a replacement roof that matches your style, while also vastly improving the benefits you receive from your new look conservatory. Many of our customers come to us saying that they cannot fully enjoy their current conservatory, which is due to the fact that it is too warm in the summer time and too cold in the winter. This is not an acceptable state of affairs for any conservatory, and this is an area where we provide a great deal of support and assistance.

Before we start, we will sit down with you and get a feeling for what you hope to achieve with your conservatory. We offer a bespoke solution that is aimed at providing you with the ideal conservatory for your needs, whatever they are. We also provide a consolation service where we will come to your property and make our own assessment on the current condition of your conservatory roof and what solution would be of benefit to you. Whether you are bothered by temperature, rain, a draught or even the appearance of your roof, you will find that we are on hand to help you transform your home and the comfort you receive from your conservatory.

Our team has considerable experience in this field

Our highly trained and experienced team will be on hand throughout the process, ensuring that you receive the best possible service at all times. No two conservatory jobs are the exact same, but you can rest assured that we will work effectively and efficiently to ensure your new look conservatory is finished as quickly as possible. We will also ensure that your property is cleaned and left looking as good as new when we are finished with it.

Replacing an existing conservatory roof is an affordable solution that offers great value for money for any home. Whether you are looking to sell your property and want to maintain the value of your home, or you are looking to enhance the enjoyment you receive from your property, improving the condition of your conservatory can make all the difference.

At MI Home Improvements, we are conservatory specialists and when it comes to repairing or replacing conservatory roofs, we cannot be beaten.