About Us

At MI Home Improvement, we are delighted to say that we can call on more than 30 years’ worth of combined experience, which allows us to provide you with the best level of service for a wide range of home improvements. While we can call on a great deal of experience, we have kept in touch with the latest innovations and technology in home improvements, allowing us to offer you the finest level of service and support at all times. If you would like to discuss your home improvement options, or you would like to arrange for us to visit your property, get in touch and we will be more than happy to sort this out.


We offer assurance and peace of mind

Whether you need a door or window replaced, or you are looking to have a conservatory installed at your property, you can rest assured that our team will take care of you. Every product that we install is guaranteed to be the most thermal efficient option available, which means you can rest assured about the value for money you will receive in the short and long term. We are also pleased to say that all of our products come with a 10 year guarantee, while they have all been certified by the British Board of Agrement (the BBA).

We offer you value for money at all times

While improving your home is a sensible way to safeguard your loved ones, we know that many people are concerned about the cost of doing so. We aim to provide you with the best value for money home improvement services, no matter what you are looking to have done. We have considerable experience in replacing doors and windows, repairing roofs and installing conservatories, which enables us to provide a reliable service at an affordable price. We are always happy to provide you with a quote, so if this is something that would be of interest to you, please get in touch.

You provide the starting point for our work

While our team is highly experienced and is more than happy to provide guidance in what we offer, we aim to provide a bespoke service that starts from what you are looking for. This is why you can rest assured that we will take the time to listen to your needs, helping you to feel confident about what home improvements you receive. We work with a wide range of specialist suppliers, helping us to ensure you receive the best products at all times.

We are known for:

  • Roof replacement services
  • Conservatory installation
  • Windows
  • Doors

If you are looking for the best value for money home improvements, call MI Home Improvements. We have the experience, the expertise and the ability to provide you with the best value for money products that will transform your home.